About Us

Northwest Jet boat Services (Silvertip Ecotours Ltd) offers professional water taxi services in the Northwest region of British Columbia.

We transport personnel as well as a variety of equipment (ATVs, freight etc.). Working in the forestry, mining, oil/gas and exploration fields is our specialty.

 River crossings: If you have a river to cross or a body of water for a bridge crossing or pipline crossing we can make a plan and provide the certified safety personnel and the right boat to do the job right.

 Wildlife Monitors: We were the first company in BC to offer wildlife monitors to ensure crew safetys while working in bear and predator country. We have never had one incident or even a near miss. We do it right! We also install trail cameras with real time data for crew safety on some of our current job sites. Professional is the only way..

Our equipment includes 3 inboard jet boats ranging in length from 19' to 22'. 3 inflatable Rafts 9' to 13'. All boats come equipped with sounders, radios, satellite phones, PFDs, throw bags and all other water safety related equipment.

 History: We have been operating for over 32 years; the experience we have on all river systems is exceptional. Silvertips owner Fred Seiler is the chief instructor for the University of Northern British columbia, for Jet Boat safety courses, Predator Awareness and Wildlife Monitoring programs. He is also a Search and Rescue instructor for swiftwater and Ice Rescue and a Canada Safety Council ATV instructor.

Please contact for day rates or longer term bookings;