Welcome to Northwest Jetboat.

JET BOATS: Welcome to Northwest Jetboat (Silvertip Ecotours ltd). We are based out of Terrace BC and operate in all regions of the pacific Northwest. Shallow water to deep, fast to slow, we take care of all your boating requirements so that you can focus on your work. Hydro-graphic surveys in remote areas is one of our specialties.We strive to be the best and most efficient while keeping client safety as the number one priority.

SWIFTWATER:  Silvertip also designs and supplies safety SOPs for water safety, Water safety boats for  water crossings and supplys swiftwater safety personnel to ensure all safety aspects are met.

WILDLIFE MONITORS: Silvertip was the first wildlife monitor company in BC , we have not had one incident or near miss in twenty years of offering wildlife monitor services. We have a personnel base of trained, certified armed and unarmed wildlife monitors for wildlife safetys on job sites. We have worked and currently worked for Apache, Northstream, Trans Canada, Shell Lng, Chevron, Stantec, Endbridge, Nexen CNOC ,Kleanza consulting, Wsp,and Imperial Oil supplying certified wildlife monitor personnel. We do it right!

EQUIPMENT: We have 3 - inboard jet boats, 3 - inflatables, High resolution Sounders and all safety equipment related to water work.

COURSES: Silvertip also is working in conjunction with the University of Northern British Columbia as the chief instructor, offering 2-3 day Jet boat safety operations courses through  UNBC. Silvertip instructs the Wildlife monitoring program for the University of Northern British Columbia.

Silvertip is a Canada Safety Council ATV certification course provider as well as UNBC certified predator awareness course instructor.