Northwest jet boat services has been involved in the water taxi service industry for over 20 years and the safety operations of crews working around and on moving water. Moving crews and equipment, supplying water safety personnel , wildlife safety personnel, water hydrology studies, fisheries work (DNA, acoustics, and enumerations in rivers, lakes and oceans), and sounding to establish bottom contours are examples of some of our services.

Our clients have included BC Hydro, Trans Canada, Rio Tinto, McElhanney Surveyors, Cambria Gordon, Stantec, Triton, Kleanza Consulting, the Ministry of Environment, Apache, Nexen ,Shell LNG, Imperial Oil and Haisla fisheries with numerous job descriptions.

We meet all current certifications and licensing requirements and all skippers have a minimum of 10 years for jet boat operations.

Fred Seiler is a Swiftwater, Ice Rescue, Search and Rescue instructor, ATV instructor CSC, Jet Boat instructor UNBC Predator aware instructor UNBCand Wildlife monitor instructor UNBC.

 "Safety is no accident, it's our responsibility." Fred Seiler